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Megan's Journey

"When I first went to see Tom, I had a litany of aches, pains and sore spots that recurred despite ongoing physio and massage. I was keen to try and address the source of those problems, to see if I could move more freely and exercise without pain. Tom started by recognising a foot injury from my childhood that continued to affect how I walked, which in turn affected many other movements. Just from this one small change in our first session my road to improvement began. 

Over the next 3 months I worked worked with Tom on a number of other problem areas - hips, knees, feet, shoulder and neck. With some trial and error, we eventually found ways to reduce or eliminate pain and tightness. I used to believe I would always exercise with pain - that I just had a bad back and there was nothing I could do about it. Tom dismissed that idea in my first session, and he was right. 











Three months down the track I am pain free, and  am no longer the most inflexible girl in my yoga class. When I do get pains, I understand what I have to do to deal with them. I can stand up for long periods, squat without pain, move my torso independently of other parts of my body, turn off tightness, and I have even started running again. I couldn't do any of these things 3 months ago.

Working with Tom has given me the skills to manage any issues my body might have. I can't recommend him highly enough if you are looking to get to the source of your issues."

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