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Professional Skier


Tom ​is a professional skier and two time member of the Australian Demonstration team. The only Australian to have ever been selected for two different disciplines; Telemark skiing and Alpine skiing. 

He works as an instructor/trainer for the APSI and held the role of Technical Director for Telemark skiing between 2009-2012. 

Tom has competed in International freeski competitions with his best result being 6th place in the qualifiers for the world Telemark skiing championships in Alaska.


Tom teaches skiing part-time at Thredbo Mountain Resort in the winter where he is highly sought after for both his ski lessons and skills as a bodyworker.

jumping over moguls
The chase
Range of movement in uneven terrain
Functional Body and Alignment in Sport
Structural Intregration and skiing


Over the time Tom spent teaching skiing, he developed a keen interest in biomechanics and how the brain communicates with the body. This led him to seek out Claudia, a Structural Integration Practitioner to discover what he could learn about his own body. Structural Integration gave Tom greater awareness and a heightened sense of how his body moved, functioned and behaved. As a result of the work his skiing became more symmetrical, smoother and efficient. Running became more enjoyable and he could sit with his legs crossed comfortably for the first time since he was a young boy. His upper back and shoulders would often ache after a day on his feet but this feeling slowly dissipated after the ten sessions.


Structural Integration eventually led him to several other disciplines that all hugely impacted on the way he used his body and was able to affect change in alignment. Gary Ward's revolutionary Anatomy in Motion (AiM) techniques opened up a whole new world of movement and understanding of how the body moves in 3 dimensions. Tom uses AiM on a daily basis to check in with his body and keep it functioning at the highest level. He recently treated himself over the course of 6 weeks recovering from fractured ribs and consequently a misaligned spine. Using AiM movements he was able to speed up the healing, straighten out his spine and be back doing all the outdoor activities he loves to pursue. 



Tom is passionate about teaching and helping others. With a wealth of knowledge in training and instruction, a session with Tom always meets with learning something new.



When your body is experiencing pain it takes some careful cueing and communication in order to bring about a change. Tom prides himself on being able to convey ideas and ways to move that you can relate to and make progress with. 

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