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UPDATE: Tom has created a dedicated website to house all skiing technique and body alignment videos and education. Please visit from now onwards for updated content and information. No further videos will be added to this website however you can still access them for the next few months if you have subscriptions. Thanks Tom (14th March, 2020)

Your personal Ski Mentor:

Level 4 APSI instructor trainer/examiner

How often do you get access to the knowledge of an internationally recognised Ski Instructor trainer of the highest level? Tom has a wealth of knowledge on both skiing and how the body functions. His expertise and knowledge of skiing and the body have been sought out by the likes of the NZSIA, CSIA and Whistler Blackcomb Ski School. The video library here is meant to be a resource for those interested in taking their understanding of biomechanics and skiing to the next level. All of the fundamentals taught here are essential to understand if you want to know WHAT, HOW and WHY you do something in skiing.  There is a small cost to the user but Tom believes it is more than worth it for insight into the thousands of hours he has spent educating and training on his favourite topics. 

Videos can be rented or accessed via monthly subscription so you can watch as much as you like. The subscription will automatically renew each month. You can cancel anytime you want. When you cancel please be aware that your access to the videos will stop immediately. Not at the end of the billing month. 

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Fore and Aft balance Videos
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Bump Lessons
How to -Turn transitions for fluid skiing
Physics Video lectures
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Technical skiing and the body: Biomechanics of balance and edging
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