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Skype Sessions

Skype sessions open up the possibility of arranging a session no matter what your location. It may seem strange to think that someone can help you from the other side of the world or via a virtual medium, but it has proven to be very effective. Here is a list of what the skype session includes and a number of the benefits:






- Injury and incident history. This part is so important in helping to understand and paint a picture of why your body has deviated away from being pain free and performing at its best. Surgeries, sprains, breaks, scars, car accidents, dental work, these are all crucial pieces of information.


-Postural assessment. How your feet, knees, hips, pelvis, spine, shoulers and head line up. Your posture gives away many clues to how your body has adapted and compensated outside of a balanced stance.


- Movement assessment. Tom uses the Anatomy in Motion movement assessment to determine what exactly your body is having trouble with doing. Could your back pain be part of a strategy to keep weight off of an old broken ankle that hasnt healed properly? We will do some exploring and testing to find out.


- Custom exercises that promote healthy and optimal movement back into the areas needing it. These exercises are whole body movements based around gait or walking. The human body is born to walk and recognises patterns of joint movements deeply engrained in our nervous system. If you want to rehabilitate your body it must include an integrated approach, so when you walk away, you dont just walk the problem straight back into the system.


- Video support. Tom has a library of videos he has made to help reinforce techique and the finer details of your exercises. You can access these at any time and any where.


- Comfort of working from your own home. Choose a time and place that suits you and your busy schedule. 


- Anywhere in the world. Tom has clients from Denmark, USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. Read below to hear what Tom's clients have to say about skype sessions.

"Working with Tom Gellie on Skype was a success within moments of the first session. He processed the broken information I had supplied him and relayed it back to me. From there he located areas to work on that created immediate and on going improvements in my function, measurable in my range of movement, joint paint relief, and general improvements in my sense of well being. The added touch is how Tom coached me to understand how this function directly relates to the sports I enjoy and what changes to expect and to aim for."

Matt, Whistler Canada

"My Skype sessions with Tom have far exceeded my wildest expectations of what could be achieved through skype. His analysis and exercises are spot on and I always notice a big difference the moment I step on snow after skyping with Tom. I'm a significantly more aware and fluid skier because of the things I've worked on with Tom. One of the biggest benefits is learning to use my entire body, from head to toe, to spread the work load and be more efficient. I'd highly recommend Tom for anyone who wants to improve their balance, awareness, stability, efficiency, strength, and overall athleticism in skiing or any other sport that requires these skills." 

James, Lake Tahoe California

Cost: $120 AUSD
Time: 60 mins
Place: Cyberspace
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