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Being barefoot has many health benefits. We are born to be barefoot and being able to feel the ground is crucial for developing strength, balance and coordination in our bodies. Just like any other part of your body feet can be strengthened, made flexible and trained to provide you with precise balance. If you can't go barefoot all the time (most of us) then shoes that allow your toes to spread naturally, your feet to feel the contours and changes in the ground, your arches to strengthen on their own, then Vivobarefoot shoes are the go. Ive been wearing barefoot shoes for over a year now and can't speak more highly of them. Comfortable, durable, good looking and give you the feeling of being barefoot. If you are interested in investing in the health of your feet or the health of your kids feet get in touch with Tom to try on a pair of Vivobarefoot shoes in your size. Head to to see the whole collection and find out more.

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