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Tom is taking a break from seeing people to recharge his batteries and also focus on a skiing website he has built. He is sorry for the inconvenience but feels it is what he needs to do at this point in time. He is reassessing things in 2022. Thanks


Tom Gellie works with the human body and wants to help you rediscover pain free living and the liberating sensations of an aligned structure. In his clinic he utilises a unique and powerful range of tools to help release, re-educate and re-align your body. He is passionate about empowering you to rediscover the freedom and potential lying in your musculoskeletal system. Your body has the amazing ability to heal itself and is hardwired for perfection, given the chance. Injuries, a sedentary lifestyle and work habits can produce less than efficient and sometimes painful body adaptations. Tom's goal is to assist and guide your body back to centre again for pain free and optimum performance.




A full history is taken in order to understand where your body has come from and what it has been through. If there was a time when you lived without pain then there must be a reason as to why it ended up in pain. It is Tom's goal to discover why you are experiencing discomfort and then look at bringing the body's alignment back so it can heal itself. Our bodies often will only heal to efficiency, not perfection. Sometimes efficiency leaves us with some strange adaptations to past injuries.

Anatomy in Motion

Tom uses Anatomy in Motion® to help guide your body back into balance and alignment. Anatomy in Motion is based around the Flow Motion Model; a map of the moving human body and the journey your body takes through the gait cycle (walking). Tom can use the map to find out exactly what joints are moving efficiently and what joints are not. Exercises are then tailored to your needs in order to encourage your alignment back to centre again. In efficient walking, every single joint and muscle in our body is stimulated and therefore helps us in maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.


Your posture holds a lot of information about your movement potential and areas that will feel constantly tight. Tom will observe and go through with you what your posture holds and how your body moves within this alignment. Postural photos and video of you walking are used in this part of the process.

Structural Integration

Tom holds a Diploma in Structural Integration. This form of bodywork aims to effect the bodys alignment in gravity. SI uses deep strokes on the bodys muscles and fascia and is very effective in helping to open up areas of restriction and tightness. The difference between SI and other forms of bodywork is that it follows a process of peeling back layers in order to get to the very basis of an alignment issue. SI works incredibly well when combined with Anatomy in Motion as the two share many common principles for helping the body heal itself.

Skype Sessions

Work with Tom over Skype video calls. Have your movement and alignment assessed in the comfort of your own home. Depending on how your posture and movement presents itself a series of custom Anatomy in Motion exercises will be assigned to you as homework. An online video library of the exercises will be available to you for support and technique tweaking. Clients usually see a change in movement quality, reduction in pain and discomfort, and postural changes within the 75 min session. It is truly an amazing way to work with people from all over the world. Tom has skype clients from Denmark, Australia, USA and the UK. Click here to read what people say about skype sessions.

Try the Functional Body self assessment
The Process

The Process

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It is most important to understand that healing and changing your body's structure is a process. Just as there was a process of your body arriving at its present state. It may be quick or it may take more time. The great thing is that this process is enjoyable and educational as you go through phases of rediscovering how your body was designed to move and hold itself in gravity. As your body reaches a point where all the 360 joints are moving smoothly it tends to adjust its centre so that it starts from an aligned point where it can access motion in all directions. When we struggle to access movements in certain directions, like rotating your spine to the left, this is a sign from your body that your PERCEPTION OF CENTRE is not the same as ACTUAL CENTRE . It's a very clever strategy because currently, what your body is doing, is the only thing it knows how to keep you going.  If you can show your body another way of moving that doesn't cause pain, and is easier, your body is smart enough to choose the easy way over the painful way. We are all hardwired for perfection and efficiency. Injuries and a sedintary lifestyle can often just throw us off course and alter our posture and movement potential.


Megan has a great story about her journey to pain free movement. She is a great example of what you can achieve if you undertake the process.


Depending on your goals and level of pain, Tom will discuss with you and devise an individual plan to get your body back to centre. Sometimes this may be just one or two sessions. If you are interested in the Structural Integration process and have heard of the Ten Series of Structural Integration click the icon to find out more.











Those that enjoy the process of Structural Integration often come to see Tom for regular maintenance and tune ups when they feel they need it. 


"When we break old patterns and replace them with new ones, the pain disappears and the client moves into a new dimension where training again for anything is now possible."

Gary Ward, What the Foot


"Ive been training with Tom for more than a year now and I can honestly say he has changed my body and the way I train for the absolute best. Thanks to Tom I went into last season feeling more in tune with my body than ever. Tom was a vital part of me walking away with the best World Championship result by an Australian in 10 years."


Sam Robertson, Australian Ski Racer

"Toms wealth of knowledge in functional movement is such an untapped resource that I couldn't recommend any more highly. His trouble finding skills are amazing, leaving myself in awe most sessions. In a session I feel like a learn more about my body, the direct relations between past injuries and non functional movement. Once tom establishes the issue it resolved on the day and stays permanent if you follow his movement pattern like exercises. For any athlete that wants to achieve a more functional body for elite performance, this is where you need to start."

Lee, Skier Cross Racer

Tom is an excellent health practitioner.
I have had severe chronic pain disorders and have become about 95% pain free due to Tom's non invasive guided therapy sessions. I have referred family and friends and everyone has reported excellent outcomes.
My father in his late 70's had been told by traditional medicine practitioners that his frozen shoulder and other body issues were age related and were not to be expected to get any better. In his first ever session with Tom, my father had a 95% improvement in movement and pain relief - total unexpected but very welcome results!
Tom and his techniques are truly amazing!

Kerry, Business Owner

"I completed 7 sessions of Structural Integration with Tom Gellie in an eight week break between ski seasons. Tom's professionalism, his comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the human body and it's applications to movement, as well as his dedication to research in order to achieve his clients' individual goals make him a first class practitioner.

He made links between my posture, gait, running style and skiing technique so that they all make sense in relation to one another and to my body. Now when I go running, I am training my skiing, and visa versa. By making these connections, all types of movement become more functional.

Having lived with asthma for the last 25 years, I now have tactics to help prevent and alleviate breathing difficulties in day-to-day life and while exercising. Tom made connections between my breathing patterns, standing posture and sleeping posture, and it's made a huge difference to the way I breathe.
As a 28-year-old, I never considered my body immobile or my joints stiff, but after 7 sessions with Tom, I now realise how easy movement can be. This is both a psychological and a physiological change, as each session improves your understanding of how your body works, and also your body's ability to move freely in the most efficient way possible.

If you are interested in moving more effectively, better understanding your body, improving your posture, increasing sporting performance, or are just curious about Structural Integration, then I can't recommend Tom and Functional Body enough. Whether you're young, old, athletic or inactive, you won't regret it."


Michaela, Ski Instructor and APSI trainer





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Getting Here:

There is lots of free parking available on the street. 


Suite 6

53 Kalang Rd 

Elanora Heights

Northern Beaches






$220 initial session 75 mins.

$200 regular session 60 mins.

24 hr Cancellation policy: If less than 24 hrs notice is given the full session amount will be charged.

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